Working with OTA Team guarantees professional management of all your OTA accounts, which means more time for you to focus on website business to get more direct bookings.

 A much improved and regularly updated website that is easy on the eye will attract significantly more B2B business too.

 Delegating your OTA business to us leaves you more time to develop new standalone websites or satellite sites that support your main domain. More unique content = more engagement = more bookings.

 You will have more time to enable effective communication with industry insiders and influencers who can get your business brand out to a bigger audience.

 Working on your website will lead to a greater understanding of the technical components that drive your e-business. We all have to pay for code and design at some point, but when it comes down to the comparatively easier tasks of CSS and SEO, wouldn't it be nice to work on these yourself instead of paying someone else? Less time in OTA extranets means more time to learn new skills.



 Discussions bordering on arguments continue to rage on LinkedIn about OTA business for tour operators and tour guides. How to work with OTAs, should we work with them at all (yes), which OTAs are a good fit and what will the future hold? Ask anything! We are digital tourism veterans and your business model will be very familiar to us. We're ready to advise and to assist.



 The "preferred" (aka "premium", "advanced") partners sham is nothing less than corporate back-scratching. OTAs take enough commission as is and suppliers don't need to pay more for anything.

 It is important to remember that in 2018, after years of gathering data on tour operators using their platform, GetYourGuide launched "Project Incredible", a most peculiar name for the brazen ingestion and rebranding of genuinely local tours and experiences to "GetYourGuide Originals" (!). There is absolutely nothing original (nor local) about these allegedly GetYourGuide products fabricated in corporate Berlin.

 GetYourGuide "partners" with locals for the right to rebrand and pays them in kind by sending masses of bookings.

 Ultimately, the authentic local value and integrity of these tours and experiences is lost. Fortunately, many genuinely original local tours and activities can still be found on GetYourGuide, hopefully some of yours.

 Update! (11/2022) from PhocusWire via Arival: GYG has put "Originals" to sleep. Permanently.

 Is it important to work with GYG? Yes it is. They will make alot of money for your digital tourism business. The GetYourGuide platform is where we excel. We know GetYourGuide better than most and we know how to boost bookings. We can also reach the right GYG people to get positive answers to difficult questions.



 Tourism Marketing Agency (tma.) is a decent place to go and get down to the nitty gritty of OTA business. Chris Torres delivers what you need to know and his opinions align closely with ours. Tourpreneur is another valuable resource, as too is Arival. OTAs new and old are always in the spotlight and under discussion. Every tour operator needs to be in the OTA know. We can help you decide which OTAs to work with in your destination.



 Online travel agencies are invariably time consuming and rather stressful. Our requisite tourism business management and tourism development services are an asset for every tourism professional who seeks balance for better business. Experience reminds us that everything positive is possible. We're always available to give our best advice to tour operators and tour guides. Tell us about your business and we'll be with you shortly.



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