If you don't yet have a GetYourGuide supplier account, we can set one up for you and manage everything to increase GYG bookings and get more direct website bookings too. It's a simple win-win situation. If you are already with GYG, let's build your business there and everywhere else too.

 Viator is the de facto open marketplace for tour operators. Now is a great time to get organized in Viator as they have reduced commissions in many destinations and are continuously improving extranet sections. If you don't yet work with Viator, we'll get you started and earning big bucks fast.

 Expedia LX is a unique OTA with its own rulebook. It takes time and effort to significantly increase bookings from Expedia as its market demographic is not as broad as that of GYG, Viator etc. We have been working with Expedia LX since 2016 so all the experience and contacts you need to succeed are available from us.

 Which other OTAs are you working with? Are they making money for you? Let us know and we'll get ALL your OTA partners sending you big payments every week.

 OTA Team Pro includes all OTA Team services. Likewise, Restech Tours includes all OTA Team and OTA Team Pro services.



 + OTA Team (we manage, develop and improve all your OTA accounts) by selecting 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month. Contact us below to order this service and related services listed below here.


1 DAY: €60,00
1 WEEK: €240,00
1 MONTH: €780,00


 + OTA Team Pro | Our really useful service for tour operators that includes everything from fixing website issues to tourism SEO, content creation and optimizing products to sell more tours. This service includes OTA Team (above).


1 DAY: €70,00
1 WEEK: €280,00
1 MONTH: €850,00


 + ResTech Tours | If FareHarbor, Xola, Captain Book or Bokun is where you organize bookings and schedules, we can manage all of that for you if you are short of time, if key staff are on holiday, on leave, so on and so forth. This service includes OTA Team and OTA Team Pro (above).


1 DAY: €80,00
1 WEEK: €300,00
1 MONTH: €920,00


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