It's easy to work in digital tourism wherever one is based, if anywhere. Sell tours in Rio from Riyadh, from San Francisco in San Marino - any time any place is the reality and our profession, Putin and pandemics apart, knows no limits.

 The nature of digital tourism is such that just one creative spark, one great tour, can bankroll a small business into significant money. There are several ways to go about this, but ultimately it means finding the right balance between OTA development and OTA management to sell more tours, time management, and maintaining solid social and Google presence.

 When was the last time you really got stuck in to your social or Google things to do? When was the last time you had an entire week to work on new products without being waylaid by OTAs? The answer is most likely to be never. Social and Google workspaces can make or break any digital tourism business. Neglect them at your peril.

 Our OTA services are open-ended in that whatever you need to consolidate your digital tourism business, the chances are that a hybrid solution will be required. Market conditions in our sector dictate that medium to longer term partnerships are obligatory for success and our work ethos gravitates towards the same.

 Make the right decisions quickly to stay ahead of the competition. We have been working in this way on our own websites and OTA accounts for many years, and the ensuant good experiences inspired the idea to build OTA Team.



 100% income from a booking. Remember that? Commit time to improving the tours and activities on your website. Build your blog (try to publish a 1,000 word article every month). Get into the habit of adding backlinks to relevant directories. Do these simple tasks then direct bookings will increase. An hour or two a day away from OTAs works wonders.



 We simply cannot overstate the importance of working with Google. You must post on your GMB page once per week. You must prioritize getting Google reviews over TripAdvisor, Trustpilot et al. You must connect with Google Things to do. You must fix GSC errors. Google monitors mobile usability and core web vitals in real-time - these are critical technical SEO components. Things to do, GMB and GSC are essential for every tour operator.

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 Connect your social accounts by linking and hashtagging back and forth with keywords that are unique to your business. Embellish your posts with unique content. Fine tune your tours and activities to connect your destination with your social communities. Post and publish every day for half an hour, little but often is key.



 As Tao Tao of GYG and other such luminaries have said more than once, OTA bookings are still a drop in the ocean of total global business. Most travellers still use walk-in travel agents so reach out to them. It takes plenty of time to build real connections in the traditional heartland of tourism but it needs to be done. Commit time to offline travel agents and reap the rewards.



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